Norgen cf-DNA/cf-RNA Preservative Tube

Medical Kitting

Strategic Lab Partners primarily designs, prepares, and delivers medical kits that use DNA and genetic testing to provide answers for patients. Preparing a medical kit is often referred to as “kitting.” Efficiency is incredibly important in the medical kit industry. Strategic Lab Partners can handle every step of the process in making sure your custom medical kit is made to perfection. You will want every piece of your medical kit to be custom and specially-made for your business. Using unique equipment of the best quality will give you the best results.

Custom Medical Kits

Strategic Lab Partners focuses on using the highest quality materials for safety and privacy of your patients or clients. SLP works side by side with the companies they are designing custom medical kits for, as it is important for the business to understand the ins-and-outs of the product they are preparing to educate patients on and change lives with. No matter what test or procedure is being performed, you want the best materials in your kit.

Our medical kits can be designed for any procedure or test. You will find just how many options there truly are when it comes to medical kits. Handing you your first run of the medical kit is the best part, as it is then easy to customize even further to ensure the product is up to your standards and perfect for your business. Your kit will be fit to exactly what you need for your patients to receive the information they desire. From genetic testing for major diseases to how they may lose weight, you will have the answers to your patients’ needs.

Medical Kitting Materials

A medical kit is made up of the materials needed to perform a specific task such as a medical lab test or a procedure. Whatever you are testing for, you want the best materials possible. With the Norgen cf-DNA/cf-RNA Preservative Tube, you’ll be confident in the accuracy of your test results.

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