Stem Cell Therapy Charlotte

Stem Cells

Stem cells are some of the most personalized medical procedures out there. A lot of other medical solutions are made with the “one size fits all” model in mind because it’s easier and doesn’t require any additional training. Modern medicine is truly fantastic, but make sure you’re working for you and not for everyone.

Sources of Stem Cells

For a lot of people the most important factor of stem cell therapy and related medical procedures are exactly where they are sourced. The best source being your own body! All tissue in the body has stem cells in it, but things like bone marrow and fat are far more plentiful sources than other parts of the body. Also in using your own body as the source you completely eliminate the risk of pathogens or disease. Be wary of off the shelf products, these are not real living cells and often are falsely advertised as such.

Success of Stem Cells

Results from treatment have been astoundingly impressive and are excellent for those looking to get into the therapy to look at. Did you know roughly 95% of people claim that the procedure was a success and has improved everyday life, and even 80%+ of people say the same after three months? Like all medicine, you and your lifestyle choices heavily impact how successful it may be. People suffering from arthritis have seen huge improvements with stem cell treatments.

Risks of Stem Cells

Yes it is true that we have to understand all medical procedures can carry a small risk. You can feel confident these risks aren’t high with stem cell therapy. With proper techniques and guidelines infection is exceedingly rare, only about 1 in 1000 are affected at all by infection. Stem cell therapy and growth factor injections are very safe, but still always ensure you’re working with the best of doctors and only doing things you understand and are comfortable with. Medicine always comes with risks, the best thing you can do for yourself is research the topic so you know what you’re talking about and doing to your body. It is most important to work with a team of skilled medical professionals, such as those at Stem Cell Therapy Charlotte for your own safety.

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